My Argos encourages me to succeed

It’s really important to us that you enjoy your work and feel you have the right skills to be able to deliver everything that is required by your job at Argos.

Within our retail business area, everyone has the opportunity to join a special development programme that helps you to be fully competent in your current role and sets you up for further success in your career with Argos

The STEPS programme will provide you with all the necessary training and development associated with how to do your job effectively. It covers everything you need to know from your first day induction through to full management training and development. Each module addresses the same key aspects of each job role because these are the things that are of real importance to Argos, at all levels: Service Excellence, People, Efficient Operations and The Business.

Whatever your role, the STEPS programme will help you to build a fantastic career with Argos. Because we understand that developing competent, committed and confident colleagues is the key to maintaining our market position and ensuring that we deliver outstanding service to all of our customers.